Leisure and Aesthetics

Wavetech Leisure and Aesthetics solutions cover the wide array of swimming pool, spa, sauna, bath, and fountain products that make water exciting and beautiful. Whether for health and sports fitness, lighting and decorative features, or just plain fun, we bring the best of of water to life for your enjoyment.

Our products include:

  • Pool and spa pumps
  • Pool filtration systems
  • Pool heating equipment
  • Counter-swim jets
  • Pool and spa white goods
  • Pool and spa fittings
  • Pool furnitures
  • Wave generation technologies
  • Automated pool chemistry maintenance
  • Robotic pool cleaners
  • Replacement filter elements
  • Filter media
  • Pool chemicals

The latest and greatest in water leisure technology not only translate to unique experiences but also energy savings.  Be sure to look for green products such as:

  • Energy-recovering Waveball
  • Intellipro VFD pool pumps
  • Ultratemp heat pump pool heaters
  • Ecochlor salt chlorine generators
  • Intellibrite LED lighting
  • Dolphin robotic pool cleaners
  • Ecoclear glass media
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