Amici's Water Heating Solutions is about hot water.  We provide the widest range of water heating technologies to cover every market or application.  We've also lead the Philippine commercial market with key energy saving technologies like Fireflux and A. O. Smith products, supplying to more than 15 of the top 25 hotels in the Philippines, and more than 100 hotels nationwide.

The importance of water in almost everything that we do cannot be overstated. We design and implement how to make water flow. On the one side, making water available where and when we need it is something that we do everyday. On the other side, we move water out of the way to protect our assets and investments. Our solutions for moving and storing water enable households, buildings, as well as agricultural lands and industrial facilities to move water to our needs.

Wavetech Leisure and Aesthetics solutions cover the wide array of swimming pool, spa, sauna, and fountain products that make water exciting and beautiful. Whether for health and sports fitness, lighting and decorative features, or just plain fun, we bring the best of of water to life for your enjoyment.

Our plumbing network solutions feature thermoplastic pipes and fittings that deliver water as designed. Thermoplastic pipes are not only more cost efficient but also magnitudes more durable than conventional piping systems. These thermoplastic pipes are considered green products compared to traditional metal pipes because their production use up to 10 times less carbon footprint.

Our Air Conditioning Solutions create and maintain living comfort in the otherwise warm and humid climate in the Philippines. Minimizing energy use while providing for the great demand for comfortably cool air is a perennial challenge. Our Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) team delivers energy efficient engineered solutions needed in the residential, commercial and industrial market.

Our wide engagement in the whole spectrum of water technology has developed our design and engineering capacity.  We offer Design and Build services for water heating, water supply, and air conditioning systems.

We continually develop information systems that support the diverse and growing needs of companies in delivering value to their customers.  We empower our personnel with secured access to relevant information that assist in decision making and improve customer interactions. Our R&D software engineers work with the latest technologies to improve our ERP system, enhance communication systems, and develop web and mobile applications that allow our interdependent teams to synergize.

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