Our Clients

This year, we reached a milestone--servicing over 100 Hotels in the Philippines with energy efficient technology, celebrating it with our event "Toast to 100." For over 5 years, we've strongly established the effectiveness of heat pumps for water heating applications in the Philippines. We've led the industry in going past traditions and really implementing this innovative technology throughout the hotel industry. We're proud to say we've already installed this energy efficient system to over 100 hotels, from small,independent hotels to chains of hotels with over 400 rooms.

Through the different companies in Amici Group, we have provided water heaters, and our thermoplastic pipes, fire protection to over 100 Condominiums nationwide, which are known for quality life and standards:

Fitness First Gyms, Golds Gyms, Spa, Asian Hospital, Cardinal Santos, Sacred Heart.

And over 10,000 households

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