Group of Companies

Amici Mercantile Inc.

Amici Mercantile Inc. imports and distributes one of the widest range of water products in the Philippines. With more than 30 years of technical experience promoting and servicing various water products, Amici has grown to be an innovative leader in the fields of Water Heating, Pumps and Flow Technology, and Water Leisure.

Amici is an authorized distributor of international brands such as A. O. Smith, Aurora, Aermotor, Atmor, Pentair, Sta-Rite, and Taco.  We import our quality products from over 10 different countries.

In 2005, amidst rising energy costs and environmetal concerns, Amici has revved focus on energy efficiency and conservation.  Amici released to the commercial market the Fireflux line of energy efficient heat pump water heaters and SolarActive solar heating solutions.  We developed our engineering and design capacity and commercial support services to ensure customer satisfaction in quality, energy savings, and technical support.   We have since become the market leader in commercial water heating in the Philippines, supplying to over 200 hotels, resorts, and hospitals nationwide.

Technologies: Residential and Commercial Water Heaters, Heat Recovery and Heat Pumps, Residential Pumps and Tanks, Swimming Pool and Spa Products,

Thermovar Pipes

Thermovar started operations in 2007 promoting thermoplastic (PPR and HDPE) pipes as alternative “green” piping materials that are cost efficient and long lasting. Thermovar leverages its technical roots to strengthen its core advantage -- engineering know-how in pipe sizing, layout and optimization, and fusion methodologies. Thermovar has four primary divisions: PPR Pipes for Hot and Cold Water, Hydrovar PE Pipes for Pressurized and Chilled Water, Exodura HDPE Pipes for Drainage and Sanitary, and Wavin HDPE Pipes for Waste, Soil and Vent.

Thermovar continuous to deliver outstanding products as well as technical support to landmark projects in the Philippines, such as Rockwell's The Grove, Hamilo Coast, Ayala's UP North Science, Ayala's Meranti, and more.  Thermovar also conducts training for site engineers and workers, sharing standards and methodologies to the industry.

Technologies: Thermoplastic Pipes Systems

Nouvac Technologies

Nouvac Technologies engineers solutions for commercial and industrial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications. Nouvac is a newcomer in this field, but it is also more focused on innovations that drive energy efficiency and conservation.  Backed by HVAC product manufacturers such as Saiver and Taco, Nouvac pushes forward with technical competency and reliability.

Technologies: Commercial Air Conditioning, Chillers, HVAC Equipment and Accessories

Transflow Pump Technologies

Transflow Pump Technologies focuses on pump and flow requirements in the commercial and industrial sector. These sectors use fire pump systems for building fire protection, large heavy duty pumps for whole building water supply, and high flow rate wastewater pumps for flood, sewage and drainage control.  Transflow has service team support providing project management, installation, testing and commissioning, and preventive maintenance.

Transflow is an authorized distributor of UL/FM fire pumps and commercial pumps from Pentair Aurora, a world leader in water technology.

Technologies: Fire Pumps, Chilled & Condenser Water Pumps, Water Supply Pumps

Wavolution Technologies

Wavolution Technologies (Wavetech) is the commercial off-shoot of Amici Mercantile's swimming pool product portforlio. Wavetech was started to give focus on the commercial swimming pool and spa market, primarily with state-of-the-art innovations effective but uncommon in the Philippines.  Wavetech has so far introduced key new products such as the Wave Ball energy efficient wave generator, Badu Jet water treadmill, world-leader Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, and Eco-Clear glass media for superior filtration.

Technologies: Commercial Swimming Pool and Spa Products, Wave Generators, Robotic Pool Cleaners, Counter Swim Water Treadmills

Amici Water Systems Sales and Services

Amici Water Systems Sales and Services makes accessible Amici's wide array of quality water products in key cities and provinces Nationwide. It is the goal of getting our solutions more easily available to a wider distribution network that our provincial offices have been established.  Amici has full satellite offices located in Cebu, Bicol, Iloilo, and Davao, as well as service centers in Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, and Bohol.

Key products distributed by Amici Water Systems Sales and Services in the provinces include: A. O. Smith water heaters, Aermotor and Berkeley pumps, Atmor instant water heaters, Fireflux heat pump s and SolarActive solar water heaters, Sta-Rite pool products, Thermovar PP-R pipes, etc.

Aiho Enterprise

Aiho Enterprise is our Pampanga retail sales and service center for water pumps, heaters, and swimming pool products. Located near the Angeles City public market, Aiho is a well known water product specialty store providing not only best value products but also expert consultation services, well drilling, on-site pump repairs.

Aiho products include A. O. Smith water heaters, Atmor heaters, Sta-Rite pool products, Aermotor pumps, Riva-Jet pumps and Jet-flo water products. Aiho is also the distributor of Tom Steel and Supertank stainless steel tanks in Angeles City.


Westwind provides customers with the needed comfort at its finest with each residential and light commercial units. Westwind established a strategic cooperation with one of the worldwide leaders in the air conditioning industry to continuously provide engineering solutions not only in commercial but also in residential air conditioning units.

     Westwind combines comfort, quality and convenience at a whole different level. With wide range of products dedicated to customers satisfaction such as residential/commercial split Inverter-type, multiple split-type for commercial use and cost efficient chillers.

Ximera Business Solutions

Ximera Business Solutions is both the IT systems support provider and IT Research and Development team of Amici Group of Companies.

As an IT support provider, we manage over a hundred desktops along with the network that connect them. We also work on the communication systems used by our companies. 

As and R&D team, we leverage IT to develop web sites, enterprise software, web and mobile apps that make businesses more productive.

We also work with other external companies in similar style of businesses to assist them in automation, data management, and resource planning.

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