Amici Synergy

Amici Group synergizes its technologies and solutions to design and build mechanical works and systems and energy efficiency retrofits that combines each of Amici Group's companies:

Amici Mercantile Inc - Heat pump Technology
Thermovar Pipes - Thermoplastic Pipes Systems
Nouvac Inc - Chillers, HVAC equipment
Transflow - Centrifugal Pumps, Chilled Water and Condenser Water Pumps, Fire Pumps

The Amici Group Synergy has a two-fold strategy of producing value and sharing this to clients.  The first strategy is to make use of the expertise of each of the Group's companies which are the major components in a Mechanical or HVAC system.  With the expertise in all the equipment and plastic pipelines that interconnect these, Amici Design and Build is able to produce efficient designs and re-engineer existing designs that would produce the value to the clients in consideration to equipment best practices and pipeline standard procedures in installation.

The second strategy is cost efficiency.  By being the direct distributor of the major Mechanical Equipment, and Interconnecting Pipelines, in conjunction with existing expertise from each of the Group's companies technical experts, Amici is able to offer cost-efficient packages maximizing on expertise and direct distributorship.

The result is a Technically balanced system based on the collaboration of the company's equipment, system, and pipeline experts that is packaged cost effectively.

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