The Amici Group Team Building Activity is an alternative learning experience where theoretical and practical usage of knowledge is achieved. It is a constant reminder to our employees that we, though separated by different companies and departments, are one.

This year we have delved into the development stages of a team, where we named each stage and let each employee experience and encounter each of the stages while competing in games.

Pahayaw means to rise in one of our native dialects, and each year we mean to rise above what we have previously achieved. It's not a circular cycle but an upward spiral of growth, because that is what Amici is all about.

The entire Amici organization spent a day together with the people whom our employees value the most - their family. Amici believes that through our sports activities, we were able to strengthen family bonds and emphasize the importance of unity and boost the competitive spirit of each and everyone. It was a day filled with laughter and energy. A combination of ball events and street games were played. There were also the icons of the streets such as the fish ball and ice cream carts to add to the festive feel.

Leadership is influence. And we learn our leadership style 360 degrees, from the top, the sides, and from below.

Fourth in our series, RICE IV is paying it forward, strengthening our core group of managers and supervisors so that they may also strengthen those on their sides and those below them.

Though RICE is meant to expand the horizons of our managers and supervisors, developing new perspectives, introducing new management methods, under the inspiration of our core values Response-ability, Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence (RICE); this year is a little different. It's more like a reiteration of what we already know as leaders but bringing it up to the surface once again to reinspire us and call our attention to the things that we should be doing if we aren't doing them yet.

Amici Group thanks its partners in the industry and builds camaraderie among people in the industry with sports events.  With the opening staged at Cuneta Astrodome and with over 600 participants, everyone was delighted with different performances, and interesting programs.

Sports is an avenue where people are given the opportunity to be the best they can be.  Amici Group values that sees to pursue different sports activities within the industry over the coming years.

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