Saving The Earth

Energy efficiency can sometimes be costly. But it is costlier to survive natural disasters, food scarcity, and water scarcity. Actually, energy efficiency no longer is the exception. It is a necessity for our current generation, for the sake of future generations.

Amici Group contributes with its various solutions to save the earth. From Amici Heat Pumps installed in over 100 hotels for efficient centralized hot water that save our world from 10,000,000 Kg of carbon emissions yearly, to Plastic piping that are less consumptive of energy in producing, to efficient water cooled HVAC equipment and design, and multiplicative wave generators instead of traditional ones, Amici Group acts on our dire fate.

Amici Group encourages you to be part of the movement, to be part of the critical mass, as Peter Senge calls it, that will shift the world towards envisioning a sustainable future for everyone, and to act on it.

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